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Determined Artist

A little story about Art 4 You in Apex.

My name is Christina McAlister the owner and artist at Art 4 You.

Ever since I was a little girl there were three tangible interest that defined my heart and passions in life. Those three interests continue to define my life: Art, Animals, and Athletics. The intangible and greatest influence in my life is my Christian up bringing. My parents taught me the love of Christ and his forgiveness.

I achieved my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Finance and Accounting. You may ask yourself why did she not stay true to herself knowing that her interests and passions are in the Arts, Animals and Athletics? But I did stay true to my heart. As a student I fostered 3 dogs (they all lived with me), two birds, mice, and fish. I got my Business Degree, and on the sidelines I also got a Minor Degree in Visual Arts. If you tried to find me on campus I was either with my animals (studying), playing for the University tennis team, or in the Art studio. I graduated, got a fabulous position straight out of University and moved from Texas to North Carolina to work for the BIG TECH FIRM - CISCO SYSTEMS.


My career was wonderful 7 strong years in technology sales. I met my husband at Cisco and we have two beautiful children. We also have many animals over the years including a PIG! Currently we have 11 chickens, a lizard, a bunny, two cats, and two dogs. I lucked out with an artistic and creative husband and one that learned to put up with my love for animals and he supports my love for athletics too.

Fast forward to age 38.... almost 39!

-I left High Tech Sales in 2011

-Became stay at home mom, that's where my heart was and had a husband to support my dream.

-The year 2013-2014 I started Art 4 You working only with children. Integrating art, animals, and the outdoors.

-Business kept growing, people would ask if I could do this and that, and I could so I did.

-I became a face painter

-I became an art therapist (not technically taught, but without question art was therapy for the seniors I was teaching in assisted living homes and in memory care units.)

-I integrated animals and arts. I started bringing my dog and a friend of mine with her dog to my art classes at the senior living homes as well. Integrating two of my passions together. Also, at my art studio I always had animals for the children to play with (pig, lizard, chickens, dogs, and cats)

- I have taught over 500 different paintings.

-I have meet some of the most incredible people of all ages

I love my job, if you can even call it a job. I will stand firm behind getting your education. Your passions will eventually become your work. For me it just took a little longer for me to get where I needed to be. I have no regrets.

Today I feel very fulfilled, blessed beyond words. Thank you to all the mom's and dad's that voted for my very small yet very big art studio. I enjoy building relationships with everyone that enters Art 4 You. You are family.

Thank You for voting my small business, Art 4 You, the most loved visual arts center in both Cary and Apex North Carolina for 2021.

Much Love,


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