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Art Therapy and Alzheimer's

Millions of seniors are diagnosed with Alzheimer's, dementia, or other neurological disorders every year. These disorders are as tragic as they are common; most likely you know an elder who suffers from their effects. However, research suggests that art therapy can help ease some of the symptoms. While it is not a cure, art therapy can help open up paths of communication for nonverbal individuals, and act as an emotional outlet. Painting and drawing can spark seniors to recall buried memories, restore their sense of self, as well as provide them with a sense of accomplishment. Art has a tendency to bring families, communities, and individuals together, and change lives in profound ways. That’s why we hold art classes for seniors at Chatham Ridge Assisted Living, Carolina Reserve, and Spring Arbor retirement community. We love our communities, and work hard to improve lives and bring families together though art. Our art classes are geared towards getting seniors to interact with their families and friends in a meaningful way, and to help them create art pieces they can be proud of.

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