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Murals of The Triangle

As many of us know, The Triangle is a region that has a uniquely close relationship with art. It demonstrates its love with frequent festivals, art walks, and art markets. However, the love for art goes beyond festivals. It also shows itself in a much more colorful and permanent way; murals. It’s difficult to go anywhere without spotting a mural, and they add a unique flair to boring scenes, it seems like no matter where you are, the murals act as a source of inspiration. In my opinion, the murals are a constant reminder to stop and take a second to take in our surroundings. You never know what you may find, whether it be Sprinkles the Bobcat (at C-Grace in downtown Raleigh) or the powerful ACLU protest mural (also in downtown). We are lucky to be in the midst of other art-minded people who encourage public expression through art.

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